Further we would like to inform you that you can conclude an insurance contract to cover a possible required cancellation due to Covid-19. For that we would like to ask you to transfer EUR 15,00 per guest to our account:


Raiffeisen Bank Flachau:
IBAN: AT42 3500 4000 0115 4418

Swift BIC: RVSAAT2S004

Purpose: Period of stay & full name of booking 

We appeal to all our guests to arrive only if they are "as fit as a fiddle" and have no symptoms such as fever, dry cough, tiredness, etc. and no current corona case in the family or in the immediate vicinity!

In this way you help and support all of us to stay healthy!

Some requirements for our and your safety


  • Every time you enter the hotel and before every walk to the buffet > Disinfect your hands
  • Keep distance from the other guests
  • FFP2-Mask in the entire hotel area (please subject to change)

Hygiene and cleanliness in all areas is our top priority!

Together we will manage to give you by far the best holiday ever.